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Kelleigh Bannen Releases Next Inspiring Single Titled “Faith In You”

Country music singer-songwriter and Swag Spotlight alum Kelleigh Bannen debuts her newest single “Faith in You” after her fiery, rock anthem “Deluxe.” “Faith in You” continues to polish her soulful, yet gritty persona while honing in deeper into the ideology of faith, and where to channel your beliefs when all gets washed away. It speaks to […]

Leah Turner Releases Spunky Video for “Blah Blah Blah”

Powerhouse vocalist Leah Turner showcases her spunk and glamour in her latest video “Blah Blah Blah.” Turner emits her distaste in a man who promises commitment but fails to follow through. Turner makes it crystal clear that all talk and no action is no longer something she’ll settle for. “All I’m hearing is your blah […]

Kane Brown Releases Brand New Track “Like A Rodeo”

25 year old, Chattanooga, Tennessee local released his new single “Like a Rodeo” after striking his Instagram followers a deal. Brown’s abbreviated, teased lip-syncing clip of the new track had to obtain over one million views. It did. This emotive, lyrically penned track, released on July 12th, begins with illustrating the roller coaster ride of […]