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Avenue Beat Is Speaking the Truth with “Fuck 2020”

Literally every time we write about the powerful female trio that is Avenue Beat, we become more and more in awe of their talent, charisma, and uniqueness. Their song “i don’t really like your boyfriend” went viral on TikTok just last month, and fans begged for the rising artists to release a recorded version, they […]

7 Ways To Fill The Void of Missing Live Music

Believe us when we tell you, we feel your pain! We miss live music so much, it hurts. One of the things we love most about NYCountry Swag is getting to connect with our followers at live shows by some of our favorite artists all across New York City and Long Island. It has been […]

NYCS Swag Spotlight: Jamie Gabrielle

“I want to be myself on stage. I don’t want to be someone else on stage. I want to share my story.” Our Swag Spotlight this week is a young, but talented singer-songwriter, Jamie Gabrielle. Fans of the Bachelor franchise may recognize her from her stint on the reality show, ‘Listen to Your Heart,’ but […]

If You Like Julia Michaels Then You’ll Love…

We believe that everyone is a country music fan, they just might not know it yet! This week we are speaking to the pop fans of the world, specifically Julia Michaels’ fanbase. The songstress is as creative and as innovative as they come, and she is one of the most sought after songwriters in the […]