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NYCS First Impression: Skyline Motel ‘After Dark’

It’s been over five years since Skyline Motel’s self-titled debut EP. Sarah Buxton, Ian Fitchuk, Daniel Tashian, and Kate York are four singer-songwriter-producers/best friends who come together every few years to create music not intended for commercial success. Simply put, they create art that’s meant to heal others and bring joy to people’s ears. After […]

If You Like Maggie Rogers, Then You’ll Love…

   NYU alumni and indie-folk star Maggie Rogers has taken the music industry by a storm, garnering fans across many different genres. A lot of the elements of what makes her such a special artist is what makes a lot of country artists special. What fans love most about her music is the high […]

NYCS First Impression Kelsea Ballerini Releases ‘kelsea’

Some might say a debut album is most important; it’s the introduction. Some might say the sophomore album is most crucial; it’s where you prove you survived the “slump”. But perhaps an artists’ third album is the most prominent. It’s where an artist really comes into themselves and their sound. Kelsea Ballerini’s new album, kelsea, […]

Women Who Inspire Us: Nashville Edition

March is the month dedicated to women, and it’s a month with so much to celebrate within the country music community. Right now, two solo women occupy spots in the top 10 on radio, which is a rare feat in this genre; Kelsea Ballerini, Ingrid Andress, and more are set to release highly anticipated LPs […]

15 Country Songs to Help Deal with Anxiety

It may be seasonal, or it may be taking over your life; anxiety is something that so many struggle with. There are a lot of ways you can manage your anxiety, and one thing that can help is listening to music. According to DJ Mag,  listening to music can reduce one’s anxiety by 65%. Below […]

NYCS First Impression Aubrie Sellers ‘Far From Home’

Aubrie Sellers is a lot of things. She’s an actress, the daughter of country music royalty, an outlaw, and an incredible singer-songwriter. Her debut album, New City Blues, was ranked #13 on Rolling Stone’s 2016 Best Country Albums list and was loved by fans and critics all around. Her sophomore album, Far From Home, released […]