Brown & Gray Release Picturesque Video for “Last To Know”

Brown & Gray

The rising U.S. and U.K. singer-songwriter duo Kaci Brown and Sam Gray, Brown & Gray,  recently released the music video to their newest single “Last to Know.” Directed by John Logsdon, the video takes place in the heart of Napa Valley as Brown and Gray play guitar in the scenic California fields. The picturesque setting of wineries and distilleries make for a romantic getaway and their chemistry is undeniably apparent.

Brown & Gray playfully dance around in a whiskey barrel room portraying a perfect, ever-lasting relationship. However, as they sing the chorus, “If it ain’t me, if it ain’t me/Why can’t you just let me go?/’Stead of your friends tellin’ their friends/Tellin’ someone I don’t know/I don’t mind if you change your mind/That’s fine, but baby what hurts the most/Is I was the first to fall, yeah/And now I’m the last to know,” a different story unfolds.

Inspired by Gray’s depiction of a relationship he observed, “Last to Know” is filled with melancholy lyrics and beautiful harmonies, yet with a surprisingly upbeat melody. From an outside viewer’s perspective, what you would assume is the perfect relationship ends with one person being blindsided by the other after learning the news of a breakup through someone else. The video ends with a heartbroken Brown going to bed alone reflecting on what her relationship used to be like through memories in a photo album.

If you want to hear more from this talented duo, watch our Swag Session from 2017 below, where they perform their debut single “Top Down” and talk about the first time they met.

“Last to Know” is the next single released by the duo following their EP Salt in the Coffee and their successful debut single “Top Down,” which reached the Billboard Top 40 charts. Brown & Gray have been performing at festivals across the country, made an appearance at CMA Fest’s Acoustic Stage, and will be playing with Tyler Rich next month.

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