10 Chris Lane Lyrics to Use for Instagram Captions

Chris Lane NYCS Lyrics for IG

Chris Lane is bringing his “Laps Around the Sun Tour” to NYC’s Irving Plaza on Thursday, December 13th along with special guests yodeling superstar Mason Ramsey and American Idol finalist Gabby Barrett. Lane has had a break out year with his sophomore album Laps Around the Sun climbing up the Billboard Top 10 Country Album chart, as well as massive hit songs like “Take Back Home Girl” and “I Don’t Know About You.” We’ve put together some of Lane’s best lyrics to go along with your photo’s and Instagram captions of what is sure to be a fun, entertaining night

  1. “That favorite habit gotta have it, you can’t quit. I got your fix” – Fix
  2. “She got a smile that makes your worst day feel like it’s your birthday. She’s got a laugh like confetti, would change her name if she’d let me” – For Her
  3.  “You’re a drive real slow, down a no lane road, to a house on a hill where the wild things grow” – Take Back Home Girl
  4. “What’s your name, what’s your sign, what’s your birthday. What’s your wrist tattoo bible verse say. Tell me this, do you kiss on the first date. Don’t hold anything back” – I Don’t Know About You Lyrics
  5. “She’s a sunset wish with a ten mill smile, her own kind of beautiful” -Her Own Kind of Beautiful
  6. “So go on and run and see what there is to see, but I hope when you’re done you’ll run, you’ll run straight back to me” – Back To Me
  7. “Of all my favorite things I wish I hadn’t done, baby you’re number one” – Number One
  8. “You already got my loving, and I ain’t gonna stop for nothing.
    No, gonna love you till the sound goes down, and comes round again” – Laps Around the Sun
  9. “When you say you love me, I got that lucky. And I hope that you trust me
    When I say, I don’t wanna live this life without you” – Without You ft. Danielle Bradberry
  10. “It ain’t a secret you’ve been stealing my attention, so tell me every little secret I don’t already know” – All About You

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