Mitchell Tenpenny Lyrics To Use As Instagram Captions

Mitchell Tenpenny Lyrics

One of our 2019 Artists to Watch and Swag Session alums, Mitchell Tenpenny scored his very first number one at country radio at the end of last year, with his smash hit “Drunk Me.” His debut album Telling All My Secrets (released in December 2018) entered Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart as the best first-week showing for a major label country debut album of 2018 by amassing 20,000 units.

We’ve compiled some of Tenpenny’s best lyrics to accompany your Instagram photos for what is sure to be one hell of a show.

1. “Somebody’s got me all f*ed up like I’m three drinks in and the room is spinning” – Somebody’s Got Me

2. “I don’t deal with bitches no more” – Bitches

3. “If a picture’s worth a thousand words baby, you just said it all” – I Get The Picture

4. “I learned how to forgive, let shit go, water under the bridge” – All On You

5. “Oh but these shots I’m shooting make me not give a damn” – Alcohol You Later

6. “She has mixed feelings about her drinking, mixed drinks about her feelings” – Mixed Drinks

7. This is one of those more to come where that came from kind of evenings” – Goner

8. “Something’s telling me to tell you that I could be falling” – Chance Worth Taking

9. “All my friends think that I’m crazy, but all of me has come to be in love with you baby” – Telling All My Secrets

10. “Drunk me can’t get over you” – Drunk Me

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