The Best Advice We’ve Learned From Country Songs

Lee Brice

We all love a good tailgating song, an empowering break-up anthem or a heartbreaking ballad, but the songs we listen to over and over again are the ones that pull at our heartstrings; those songs that simply teach us life lessons. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of ten times a country song gave us the best advice.


1. It is most important to be a good person.

Tim McGraw’s iconic song “Humble And Kind” is the perfect reminder to mind our manners, but more importantly to have empathy for others. It is a straightforward message from one of country music’s greatest artists to be a good person. “Hold the door say please say thank you / Don’t steal, don’t cheat, and don’t lie / I know you got mountains to climb but / Always stay humble and kind.”


2. It’s the little things in life that mean the most.

This line is not only a lyric to Zac Brown Band’s hit, “Chicken Fried,” but also great advice. Zac Brown Band reminds us in this song to not sweat the small stuff and to cherish the little things like a “Cold beer on a Friday night / A pair of jeans that fit just right / And the radio up.”


3. Your loved ones are always with you, no matter what you believe.

In “The Journey of Your Life,” Jake Owen reminds us to look to whatever we find strength in to get through the ups and downs that life throws at us.“And no matter what dreams you’re chasing / Never get above your raising / And may the simple things be amazing / On the journey of your life” 


4. Know your worth.

Earlier this year, Maren Morris delivered a girl power anthem in the most vulnerable way with her song “GIRL.” The title track encouraged women (and men) to value themselves, while still empowering others at the same time. “Girl, don’t you hang your head low / Don’t you lose your halo / Everyone’s gonna be okay.”


5. We can always go back home.

Chase Rice honors his North Carolina roots in “Carolina Can,” discussing how when he needs to humble himself and remember his upbringing, he can always go home to the town and people that raised him. We can do the same. It’s awesome to experience life in a new place, but home will always remind us of who we are. “Now that six string dream on a crazy course / Has got my compass losing North / And I need someone to remind me who I am / Oh, Carolina can.”


6. Stay in the moment.

We are all guilty of getting too caught up in future plans or reminiscing about the past, that we forget to stay present. The truth is, time goes fast and we’re never promised tomorrow. This is why it is so important to be present and really take in each and every moment, as Trace Adkins tells us in “You’re Gonna Miss This” “You’re gonna miss this / You’re gonna want this back / You’re gonna wish these days hadn’t gone by so fast / These are some good times / So take a good look around.”


7. Work hard, play hard.

The ever talented country duo, Brooks & Dunn just remastered some of their most popular hit songs, including “Hard Workin’ Man,” with Brothers Osborne. No matter what version you love, the men keep reminding us that it’s both important to play hard, “Come Friday night, I like to party hard,” but still work hard, “Come Monday mornin’ I’m the first to arrive / I ain’t nothin’ but business from nine till five / I’m a hard, hard workin man.”


8. Sometimes you need a drink (or five).

Drinking may not be your vice, but really this piece of advice encourages us to let loose and have some fun, regardless of what that means to us. Sometimes we need a little escape from reality and just need to have a good time. Eric Church reminds us to do just that in “Smoke A Little Smoke.” “Act like tomorrow’s ten years away / And just kick back and let the feelin’ flow / Drink a little drink, smoke a little smoke, yeah.”


9. Everything gets better, so don’t give up.

There’s a ton of country artists that encourage us to never give up, even during trying times, but Rodney Atkins manages to uplift us like no other in “If You’re Going Through Hell.” “If you’re going through Hell / Keep on going, don’t slow down / If you’re scared don’t show it / You might get out / Before the devil even know you’re there.”


10. Love like crazy.

Leave it to Lee Brice to sing one of the most profound and relatable choruses. “Love Like Crazy” reminds us all to love, even when it might be hard. “Be a best friend, tell the truth, and overuse I love you / Go to work, do your best, don’t outsmart your common sense / Never let your prayin’ knees get lazy / And love like crazy.”


Bonus: Chase your dreams.

Here at New York Country Swag, we encourage you to go after your dreams, just like some of our favorite artists do each and every day through their music careers and just like we’re doing with NYCS.

We pride ourselves on championing rising artists, such as Mitchell Tenpenny, Brandon Ratcliff, Abby Anderson, and Jimmie Allen, but what they all have in common is they’re chasing their dreams, no matter what the sacrifice.

Take a listen to the complete playlist below, while you crush your goals and follow your dreams, wherever they may lead you.


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Lee Brice Hosts Charity Songwriter Round in Nashville

Lee Brice Charity

Last night in Nashville, Lee Brice held a fundraiser for Women of Country at the Analog at Hutton Hotel. It was a “Lee and the Ladies” kind of night. Brice is hosting a series of three special shows supporting charities that are important to him in partnership with SESAC. The first of the series was a benefit for the military and first responders and last night NYCountry Swag was lucky enough to attend the second event supporting Women of Country.

The country superstar had by his side Maddie & Tae, and songwriters, Liz Rose, and Victoria Shaw. Maddie & Tae played their new single “Friends Don’t”  and their hit “Girl In a Country Song” while Rose had the entire crowd jamming out to her Taylor Swift cuts “Tim McGraw” and “You Belong With Me.”  Shaw, who we saw earlier this year in NYC at Birdland played the smash hit song she wrote for Garth Brooks “The River”.

We can’t forget about Brice in the mix of the outstanding women on stage last night. He sang his beautiful ballad “Boy” and also his upcoming single, “Rumor.” A special guest he brought out was the one and only Neal McCoy. The two started jamming out together to McCoy’s track “They’re Playing Our Song.”

All of the proceeds from the tickets went to the nonprofit organization Thistle Farms. Amy Paige, DJ from the BIG 98 explained their mission is to “heal, empower, and employ so many women survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction, it has changed their lives so profoundly.”  Thistle Farms has a store located in Nashville, Tennessee selling handmade natural body & home products. If you’re interested in reading more about Thistle Farms and their mission, you can click here.

Brice’s last event is set for Oct 1, 2018, remembering Route 91 on the one year anniversary of this tragedy.


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Lee Brice Performs His Latest Single “Rumor” on Fox & Friends

Lee Brice Fox and Friends Rumor

Photo Via @LeeBrice Twitter

Lee Brice stopped by the Fox & Friends’ New York City stage this morning as part of the network’s All-American Concert Series. While on the show, he performed his latest single, “Rumor,” the follow-up to his Top-20 hit, “Boy.”  Click here to watch his performance from earlier today.

“Rumor, released July 16, was co-written by Brice with country hit-makers Ashley Gorley and Kyle Jacobs. The mid-tempo track tackles a small-town rumor of a big-time romance, in which Brice invites his supposed love interest to turn the rumor into reality.

During his appearance on Fox & Friends, Brice discussed his induction to Pandora’s Billionaire Club, having received over 2 billion career spins on the streaming platform. Watch the interview here. He also opened up about the difference in raising his one-year-old daughter, Trulee, in comparison to his sons, Takoda and Ryker, and how he makes valuable family time while at home. Brice admitted that, while at home, he doesn’t like to work, so he’s installed a studio on his tour bus so he can record and write while on the road.

Brice also chatted about his other hits, including his record-breaking first single, “Love Like Crazy,” which was on the charts for 57 weeks, beating out a record previously held by country legend Eddy Arnold. He also opened up about “I Don’t Dance,” admitting he only dances at the request of his wife, but that he once appeared on stage in the fifth grade, dancing like MC Hammer.

The live audience was in luck, as Brice continued the show after the live broadcast, turning the Fox and Friends’ plaza into a “Parking Lot Party.”  During Brice’s interview, the hosts discussed Brice’s “I Drive Your Truck,” recalling a special moment from 2016 where Brice helped return a truck to the family of a fallen soldier. The moment was so special that the Fox & Friends’ hosts recalled it as “perhaps one of the top five most emotional moments.”

For upcoming tour dates head to


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Lee Greenwood to Kick Off Fox and Friends 2018 ‘All American Summer Concert Series’

Lee Greenwood

Greenwood will pay tribute to veterans all week long including a special performance in New York City for Fox and Friends


‘Fox and Friends’ announced its 12th annual All American Summer Concert Series featuring some great country music acts including Lee Greenwood, Thompson Square, Lee Brice, Scotty McCreery and more.

Lee Greenwood, the “God Bless the U.S.A” singer, kicks off the series, and Memorial Day Weekend, with a performance this Friday that will take place on board the flight deck of The Intrepid at Pier 86.

The rest of the concerts will take place on the plaza in front of the News Corp. building. Don’t miss a single summer concert! See the full schedule below.


Concert Schedule



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NYCS Swag Spotlight: Lewis Brice

Lewis Brice

Yes, the last name may be familiar to country music fans, but Lee Brice’s younger brother, Lewis Brice, is paving his own way in the genre.  Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, Brice remembers being surrounded by music.  “My mom and her sisters had a group growing up called The Lewis Sisters.  My first name is my mom’s maiden name.  My mom and dad sang together too.”  As his older brother pursued a music career right out of college, he decided to take a different path and actually wanted to be a chiropractor. He loved science and anatomy, but after getting his associates degree he decided to move to Nashville instead of continuing the medical field track.

“Lee was already in Nashville and I played music around bars.  I was a young kid, came here wanting to hang out with my brother a little bit and have some fun.  Then, as soon as I got there, I was in the scene and I really loved it,” he tells us. “After about 3 years, it really came to the point where I had to figure out what I wanted to do.  I loved playing music so much, so I quit bartending and decided to make music full time and I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Brice released his debut self-titled EP last year and has been playing those songs on the road, supporting the music. He is a co-writer on all six tracks, finding inspiration from conversations he’s had or things he has heard people say.  Another way he comes up with song ideas is watching movies.  “I love going to movies I am a big movie guy, I put that in my publishing budget so I can still go to movies because I get a lot of ideas from there,” he laughs.



His first single “Messin’ With My Mind” has over one million streams on Spotify.  Brice explains it is the most personal song he’s ever written.   The second single he is promoting is going to be “Alabama” which was written with his brother Lee.  “All of our friends had farm properties and fields, so instead of us going out to bars we would just go in the middle of the fields and just have a good time,” he says. “It wasn’t a crazy deep song but it was something that we lived and since it’s a country song, you’ve gotta put a girl in it, so we named her Alabama.” The production on the track really makes it a standout on the EP, something that both Brice brothers had a hand in as well.  The background singers bring a gospel feel, really elevating the song.

Spending his time before pursuing a full-time music career as a bartender at 12th and Porter, Brice has watched countless bands take the stage and has always paid very close attention.  Now that he is able to get on the road with artists such as Hank Williams Jr, The Cadillac Three, Jerrod Niemann and of course his brother Lee, he is still learning and taking in every aspect of performing to better his own career. “Learning their grind, their persistence, I’ve learned more about their work ethic than their stage presence,” he explains.  “How they have gotten where they are, whether it’s writing every day or producing every day, it’s really being on top of their P’s & Q’s. Every one of those guys is incredible and they all work really hard.”  Later this month, Brice’s name is on the bill for Stagecoach Festival where Lee is also playing as well as Garth Brooks.

Looking ahead to the rest of 2018, Brice is excited to play his new music out on the road and to promote “Alabama”.  He lets us know that back in December he went on a writers retreat and wrote five songs, six days in a row and he can’t wait for the world to hear the new music. He is hoping to continuously draw more interest and to release new songs for the next EP. Follow Lewis on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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Morgan Evans Lee Brice

“Under the Covers” NYC Songwriter Night ft. Lee Brice & Morgan Evans with Victoria Shaw…

Victoria Shaw

Award-winning singer-songwriter, Victoria Shaw hosted her “Under the Covers” concert series last night at Birdland, bringing a little bit of Nashville to New York City.  The venue was the perfect setting for a night full of stories behind the songs, as candles flickered on the tables and fans of music nestled into their seats.

Shaw took the stage and kicked off the night by singing Lady Antebellum’s 2008 single, “I Was Here”, a song she co-wrote with Hilary Scott. After a rousing applause, Shaw introduced her two guests, rising star Morgan Evans and award-winning singer-songwriter Lee Brice. The three took turns singing the songs they have written and recorded, all the while bantering back and forth with each other.

Lee Brice/Morgan Evans

Shaw sang a medley of hits she wrote for Garth Brooks including, “Baby Let’s Lay Down and Dance” and one of Brooks’ most critically acclaimed songs, “The River”.  She closed out the night with a meaningful version of “Never Alone” a song that was recorded by both Sara Evans and Lady Antebellum and written with Sarah Buxton and Gary Burr.

Newcomer, Morgan Evans performed his first single to hit country radio, “Kiss Somebody” as well as a song he had written for his now wife, Kelsea Ballerini when they were only just dating, “I Do”. He also got the crowd clapping along to “Day Drunk” and a rowdy version of a song he wrote, “We Will Never Be This Young Again”.

Lee Brice I Don't Dance

Lee Brice, who has also written songs for plenty of talented country artists, sang songs off his new album including “Songs in the Kitchen” and “Boy” which was written by Nicolle Gaylon and Jon Nite.  Brice told the audience, “This song is perfect, and I love to be able to say that, because I didn’t write it,” before singing his latest single “Boy” which he dedicated to his two sons Takoda and Ryker. For his last song, Brice chose to sing “I Don’t Dance” the first song that was a major hit that he had written.  He explained how happy he was that his wife was there to hear him sing it and she watched lovingly from the bar.

At one point in the evening, Shaw asked legendary songwriter and producer Mark Hudson to come up and sing a song. After telling some hilarious stories, he sat down to detail his writing session with Aerosmith and the Grammy awarding-winning song that was written that day, “Livin’ On the Edge”.

Overall, bringing a little bit of a  Nashville songwriting round to New York City had the audience howling, wishing the night wouldn’t end. All three performers stayed to chat and take pictures with the crowd after the show.  For more information on Birdland and the events they host head to and make sure to follow us on instagram and check out our IG Stories as we post snippets from these fun NYC shows.


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Top 10 NYCountry Swag Moments of 2017 – #10: Over 100 Country Shows…

As we near the end of the year, New York Country Swag is counting down our Top 10 Favorite Moments of 2017.

Kicking off the list, #10 goes out to the over  100 shows that we have attended, covered and/or promoted in New York City and its surrounding areas in 2017.  100+ SHOWS!? Who says there’s no country music in NYC?  Some of our favorite concerts from the year are highlighted below….


  • Walker Hayes first show in NYC at American Beauty, where we hosted a meet and greet contest for some lucky fans before the show…

Walker Hayes NYC


  • Lee Brice at Playstation Theater where the entire venue sang along to “I Don’t Dance”…


  • High Valley headlining The Highway Finds Tour at Gramercy Theatre…

High Valley


  • Sam Hunt headlining and selling out Madison Square Garden…

Sam Hunt MSG


  • Chris Lane taking his first headlining tour to Long Island, as the official opening of Stereo Garden, where New York Country Swag had the opportunity to interview him just before the show…


  • Eric Church bringing his 3-hour long set to Brooklyn playing at the Barclays Center…


  •  Dustin Lynch‘s Ride or Die Tour hitting Playstation Theater where one lucky New York Country Swag follower got to meet him before the show…

Dustin Lynch Playstation


For more of our favorite moments of 2017, make sure to be following us daily as the countdown continues!



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15 Songs We Wish Were Singles in 2017…

15 Singles Great Lyrics

Sometimes, the songs buried deep in an artists’ album are even better than the singles sent to radio.  Here are our Top 15 favorite cuts from albums’ released this year (so far), in the order that they were released.


Lauren Alaina’s “Three”

On her sophomore album, Alaina has plenty of songs that are raw and honest but “Three”, a real look at what you miss when you follow your dreams, is definitely a standout on the record.

Key Lyrics: “A lot of miles, a lot of tears / You’ve given me some of my best years / There’s so much I had to miss out on / Six years of missing home for three minutes on the radio”



Brett Young “Olivia Mae”

A smooth vocal and powerful lyrics, Brett Young delivers on this love song from his self-titled debut album.

Key Lyrics:Olivia Mae I hope it ain’t just me / From where I’m standing I can see / Us finding our own kind of meant to be / Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right / But I just had to try / Olivia may I?”



Little Big Town “Lost in California”

This melody is addicting and this entire album is incredible, but this song blends harmonies with soft simple imagery.

Key Lyrics: “Whisper in my ear, dreamin’ disappear, say you’ll take me / Where the world unwinds / Lost in California / Let’s chase the waves and let ’em take us under / On some deserted piece of virgin sand, yeah / Hold on to the freedom and the wonder / While we can”



Sunny Sweeney “Bottle by My Bed”

This song is meaningful and touches on a topic that is usually not talked about, Sunny Sweeney’s voice along with a beautiful cello make this song one of the best on the album.

Key Lyrics: I’d rather be in a carpool lane than this big cold limousine / I’d trade every pair of high heel shoes for a high chair in the dining room / Don’t even know you yet but I know I love you”



Steve Moakler “Siddle’s Saloon”

Based on his grandfather’s bar, this song perfectly describes a local spot to find a rowdy good time. Take a listen and let this great tune get stuck in your head.

Key Lyrics:  “It’s been a long week, and we’re glad you came by / The stories and punch lines and cold icy Lite / Well if you’re not here, we’ll be asking ’bout you / Come Saturday night at Siddle’s Saloon / Hey, hey, hey”



Charlie Worsham “Southern By the Grace of God”

We love this tune from Charlie Worsham, simply put it sheds light on living life in the south in the best possible ways.

Key Lyrics:  “I’m tellin’ y’all this delta drawl / Is stuck to me like buzz on a honeybee / Country is as country does and look here ’cause / You can’t out-country me / Hound dog howlin’ in front porch blues / Kids run ’round outside with no shoes or socks / Southern by the grace of God”



Brett Eldredge “Castaway”

Closing out his most recent self-titled album, “Castaway” highlights Eldredge’s perfect tone and the melody will pull at your heartstrings.

Key Lyrics:  “I’d be naive to ever think / You’re at your door waiting for me / So why do I always try / To run away from you / Please don’t say a castaway / Is what I was born to do / I guess I’ll always be lost without you”



Old Dominion “Still Writing Songs About You”

On an album full of potential singles and number one hits, this song which we first heard at a writers round last summer in NYC is a highlight on Happy Endings.

Key Lyrics: “You on the sunny Santa Monica freeway / You on a bed and a mini bar three-day haze / With your hair and my heart all a mess in the morning / I’ve gotten drunk on whiskey and women / Woke up in places that we’ve / never been in / Spending all night and all day trying to say something new / But I’m still writing songs about you”



Midland “More Than A Fever”

One of our favorite new acts out of Nashville, this trio is bringing back traditional country music and “More Than A Fever” is a great mid-tempo jam that’s all about love makin’.

Key Lyrics:  “Your hands all over me like they were velvet / There’s no way to temper this desire / I’m on fire tonight / More than a fever / Girl, you’ve got the red line on the rise / More than a fever / And I don’t wanna break it tonight”



Thomas Rhett “Life Changes”

The title track of Thomas Rhett’s latest album features one of many different vibes on the record, this particular song is more of R&B and spoken word than country but Rhett narrates his life story featuring his wife Lauren and the changes they have experienced with their growing family.

Key Lyrics:  I remember the day I told my Daddy and Mama you’re gonna have a grandkid, yep from Uganda, that’s right, we’re adopting / And she is the cutest little girl that you’ve ever seen / Well I was wrapping my head around being a dad, a bigger wrench got thrown in the plans we thought we’d had / Now Lauren’s showin’ and got one on the way / Yeah that’s two under two, hey, what can I say? / Ain’t it funny how life changes / You wake up ain’t nothing the same and life changes”



Carly Pearce “Color”

With her debut single “Every Little Thing” currently sitting in the top spot on the country charts, Carly Pearce’s debut self-titled album is filled with beautiful love songs.  One of our favorites is “Color”.

Key Lyrics:  Well, you’re the rock, you’re the steady / You need someone to push you in before you’re ready / Well, I’m the rush, I’m the crazy / But I’ll be circling the moon without you, baby / You be the lines, I’ll be the color”



Russell Dickerson “Would You Love Me”

Russell Dickerson has said that his debut album Yours, is a 12 song love letter to his wife Kailey and “Would You Love Me” is no exception. This reggae infused jam will definitely be stuck in your head.

Key Lyrics: “Cause I’ma love you til the sun burns out / Love you til my heart breaks down / Listen baby ain’t no doubt that / I’ma love you, I’ma love you, I’ma love you / I’ma love you til we’re old and grey / Love you til we’re running out of days / Hear me, baby, when I say that / I’ma love you, I’ma love you, I’ma love you”



Lee Ann Womack “Hollywood”

Off of her latest full-length LP, The Lonely, the Lonesome & the Gone, “Hollywood” has an ominous tone about a relationship falling apart.

Key Lyrics: “Like the silver screen,  it’s a technicolor dream / We pretend it’s real, but it’s only make-believe / Lying in our bed in the middle of Act Two, We say, “goodnight, I love you” / We never miss our cue / I ask you if you mean it, you say, “Yes”, I knew you would / Well, either I’m a fool for asking, or you belong in Hollywood”



Kelsea Ballerini “In Between”

Right in the middle of her sophomore album is this remarkable song about growing up and feeling stuck between a girl and a woman.

Key Lyrics:  Sometimes I’m my mother’s daughter, sometimes I’m her friend / Sometimes I play grown up and sometimes I play pretend / Sometimes I’m a princess dressed all curves / And sometimes I just wanna scream “I’m not a little girl!“ / Dumb enough to think I know it all / Smart enough to know I don’t / Young enough to think I’ll live forever / Old enough to know I won’t”



Lee Brice “Songs in the Kitchen”

Also released earlier this month, Lee Brice’s self-titled album features his most vulnerable and personal songs.  “Songs in the Kitchen” even mentions Lee and his brother Lewis (who is also an artist) singing in the car when they were kids.

Key Lyrics: “All my dreams came true, my songs took me far away / Now I’m singing them every night in these bright lights up on this stage / If you catch me, close my eyes every now and then, to tell you the truth / I’m probably just missing, songs in the kitchen”


For the full list of 15 songs, follow our Spotify Playlist here.

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Lee Brice Album

NYCS First Impression: Lee Brice Releases Self-Titled Album

Lee Brice Album

Lee Brice released his fourth studio album on Friday, a self-titled project which he says is his most personal album yet.  The 38-year-old and father of three wrote 11 of the 15 tracks on the project, recounting his family, his friends and his gratitude for the life he is living. Whether it’s “Boy” which is an ode to being the father of two young men or “The Best Part Of Me” which closes out the record and is dedicated to his baby girl, both showcase the love a father has for his children, a reality Brice is currently living.

The album features plenty of songs that will lend well to Brice’s live show including “American Nights”, “I Don’t Smoke”, “The Locals” and “Little Things”.  Brice has a way of engaging fans with his powerful voice, commanding stage presence, and anthemic songs to sing-along with.  While listening, you can see fans holding up a beer or waving an American flag in a packed venue.

A definite stand-out is “Songs in the Kitchen” a nostalgia-filled tune set to a background harmonica groove.

“All my dreams came true, my songs took me far away / now I’m singing em every night in these bright lights upon this stage /  if you catch me close my eyes, every now and then, to tell you the truth / I’m probably just missin’ songs in the kitchen / songs in the car, songs from the heart.”

Each song on the record reflects a different sentiment but all are relatable and will touch your heart.  Brice’s delivery of the songs make the lyrics impactful and he continues to impress with his determination to deliver full, well-rounded albums to his fans.  Grab the album on iTunes here and check out his remaining  2017 tour dates here.



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Lee Brice and Morgan Evans Pack Out PlayStation Theater


Lee Brice PlayStation Theater

With the lights of Times Square shimmering down the street, PlayStation Theater is a great venue for New York country music fans to catch their favorite artists. Last night was no exception, rising star Morgan Evans took the stage to warm up the crowd before headliner, Lee Brice.

Lee Brice/Morgan Evans PlayStation Theatre

Evans tells the story in his live set of how he decided to skip finding an American band to back him, but instead to record all of the music solo on stage with the use of a peddle loop.  He played covers of Ed Sheeran and his main influence growing up, Keith Urban as well as new songs including “Life Changes” and “Day Drunk”.  “I do love New York,” he says adoringly, “I always feel like I’m in a movie when I’m here.” His first single released in the states, “Kiss Somebody”, has not hit radio airwaves yet, but you could have fooled the crowd, they knew every word to the uptempo love song.  New York City fans may have had the opportunity of seeing Evans earlier this summer when he played the Grand Ole Opry’s Circle in the City in Bryant Park.


Right at 9:15 on the dot, Lee Brice took the stage and filled his set with plenty of his incredible hits throughout the years as well as new songs off his forthcoming self-titled album due out November 3rd.  A true performer, Brice packed the 90-minute set, alternating between new and old and uptempo hits and ballads.  His passion for his music is evident during his live set, always interacting with his loyal fans who sang along the entire night.  Concert-goers heard “That Don’t Sound Like You”, “Hard to Love” and his first number one single “Woman Like You” as well as his latest single “Boy”.

“We feel and we are so blessed to be here again, and even more blessed that you guys are here because you make all of our dreams come true,” Brice says mid-concert. “I can’t stress that enough.”

Lee Brice PlayStation Theater


A highlight of the night was Brice’s obvious adoration for our police men and women, our firefighters and our military.  He thanked them for their service before singing his touching hit “I Drive Your Truck”.  The stage went dark as the twinkle lights of cell phones popped up for the duration of the song.

Brice closed his set with more smash hits including “Parking Lot Party” and the song he wrote for his wife “I Don’t Dance” as well as a cover of Lynrd Skynrd’s “Simple Man”. Before leaving the stage, he autographed and handed off his guitar to a deserving fan who held the American Flag high the entire night, Brice proves there is a reason he can come back to New York City time and time again.  His fans love him and his music and look forward to many more shows from the megastar.  Pre-order his self-titled album on iTunes.



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