15 Chris Stapleton Lyrics To Use For Instagram Captions

Chris Stapleton

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Although he was first hit songwriter in Nashville, Chris Stapleton has since released three studio albums and they have had major success in the country market.  In the few years that have followed his rise to fame, Traveller has sold nearly 2 million copies, making it the first debut country album to reach number one since 2011! Quickly headlining festivals and amphitheaters across the country, Stapleton is coming to New York and sold out one of the biggest and most iconic venues in the country. As we look ahead to his sold-out show at Madison Square Garden later this week on November 2nd, we thought we would gather some perfect Instagram captions for you.

1. “I got nobody to blame but me” – Nobody To Blame

2. “There are days that I can walk around like I’m alright, and I pretend to wear a smile on my face, and I could keep the pain from comin’ out of my eyes, but sometimes, sometimes, sometimes I cry” – Sometimes I Cry

3. “You’re as smooth as Tennessee whiskey, you’re as street as strawberry wine, you’re as warm as a glass of brandy” – Tennessee Whiskey

4. “Running on hope and a tank of gas like dreams ain’t just for dreamers” – When The Stars Come Out

5. “Cause I’m a traveler, oh, I’m a traveler” – Traveller

6.”Baby, I will be your parachute” -Parachute

7. “That’s the difference between whiskey and you” – Whiskey and You

8. “You only need a roof when it’s raining, you only need a fire when it’s cold, you only need a drink when the whiskey is the only thing that you have left to hold” – Parachute

9. “Broken halos that used to shine”  -Broken Halos

10. “The more I live without you, just can’t forget about you, nobody else can set me free, baby, please come back to me” – Without Your Love

11. “I’ve got love enough to spare, that makes me a millionaire” – Millionaire

12. “Love is more precious than gold” – Millionaire

13. “I stay stoned on your love all the time” – Tennessee Whiskey

14. “Take your best shot, show me what you got, honey, I’m not afraid, rear back and take aim and fire away” – Fire Away

15. “Always lost and nowhere bound” – Traveller



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Jason Aldean, Luke Combs & Lauren Alaina Play Sold-Out MSG Show

High Noon Neon Tour

Jason Aldean, the ACM Entertainer of the Year for three years running brought his High Noon Neon Tour to a sold out Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. This is the second time the country megastar has headlined the iconic venue, each time bringing energy, and screaming fans together to sing along to his massive catalog of hits.

His tourmates, Lauren Alaina and Luke Combs had the privilege of playing to packed crowds, whereas some tours the fans tailgate and trickle in slowly until the headliner, these fans were in their seats at 7:30 on the dot.  Alaina has celebrated a ton of success over the last year with her sophomore album producing her very first number one single, a duet on country radio with Kane Brown which also hit the top spot and being named ACM New Female Vocalist of the Year. Her 30-minute set was filled with emotion as she clearly understood the importance of being able to sing her music to a crowd at Madison Square Garden.

Lauren Alaina High Noon Neon Tour

The American Idol runner-up has grown into a beautiful, strong young woman who is now writing music that had fans swaying their cell phone lights to in New York City.  Her set included her solo version of her duet with Kane Brown “What If’s”, “Next Boyfriend” and her number one single “Road Less Traveled”. Clearly emotional from the overwhelming response from the crowd, Alaina stated “I wrote a song about being a three-year-old little girl having a big dream, it’s my favorite song I’ve ever written and getting to play it for you guys here tonight is a dream come true,” before she played her inspiring song “Three”.  Closing her set by putting a New York Rangers jersey on over her sparkly dress, Alaina felt love from the crowd the moment she stepped on the stage until she stepped off.

Luke Combs High Noon Neon Tour

Another rising country artist was next up on The High Noon Neon Tour, Luke Combs took the stage and filled his 45-minute set with not only his biggest hits from his debut album but memorable covers as well.  Our team was blown away by his incredible fan base, especially in the heart of New York City. Opening his set with “Beer Never Broke My Heart” and “She Got the Best of Me” his raspy voice pleading through the latter, only to bounce back with 90’s country swag on Brooks and Dunn covers of “Honkey Tonk Highway” and “Boot Scootin’ Boogie”.  “One Number Away”, Combs’ third number one single on the Billboard Chart was met with screams and at one point, it was hard to still hear the singer over the audience’s participation.  Closing with “Hurricane” his obvious charisma and ability to write and perform already fan favorites prove he is primed and ready for absolute superstardom.

Jason Aldean High Noon Neon Tour

As if fans weren’t treated enough to a night of incredible music already, at 9:30PM Aldean’s band stood center stage on a platform as a neon sign rose into the air.  Seconds later the Entertainer of the Year himself sprung up from beneath the stage, kicking off the set appropriately with “Gettin’ Warmed Up”.  For fans who have been to any one of Aldean’s shows, they know he isn’t a talker, he isn’t going to sit on a stool and tell you about the first time he heard a demo of a song, but what you can expect is back to back high-energy songs for just under two hours.  Aldean does a great job of picking songs from all of his albums, going back and forth between his very first albums with songs like “Amarillo Sky” and “The Truth” to bringing the audience into his current world of “Rearview Town” and “You Make It Easy”.

Playing to the enormous sold-out crowd of twenty thousand fans, he spent his time at three different mic stands, playing his guitar and staring out into a sea of people on their feet, singing along.  Stopping only a few times between songs, he congratulated a couple who got engaged during “You Make It Easy” inviting them to the front of the stage and joking that he thinks the ballad should be their wedding song. “Somebody gets engaged you’ve gotta celebrate that don’t ya,” he said as he raised his red Solo Cup in the air.  “Here’s to you guys, may you have a long and blissful marriage and here’s to you Madison Square Garden, thank you for being here tonight.” The sentiment was enough to encourage fans to cheers their beer with the people next to them and on to the next song.

It wouldn’t be a true Aldean show if he didn’t play “Big Green Tractor”, “She’s Country” or “Crazy Town” which he saved for the end of the night, bringing just as much energy and intensity to those huge hits as he did when he first stepped on stage proving the award of Entertainer of the Year is well deserved sitting on his shelf at home.

The High Noon Neon Tour is just getting started. Click here for the full list of tour dates.


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Sam Hunt, Maren Morris & Chris Janson Sell Out Madison Square Garden

Sam Hunt I Madison Square Garden

One album, four years after his debut EP, only six songs sent to radio, Sam Hunt has reached extraordinary heights in a very small amount of time.  Thursday night was no different for the genre-bending superstar, completely selling out Madison Square Garden. As the “15 in a 30” Tour made its NYC stop, Hunt’s tour mates Ryan Follese, Chris Janson and Maren Morris took part in the epic evening, warming up the crowd.

Ryan Follese I Madison Square Garden

As fans were packing into The Garden, Ryan Follese took the stage to play a few songs including his latest single, “Put a Label On It”. “I know every artist probably says this but this is totally a bucket list item, playing this stage tonight,” he told the crowd.  The former frontman of the pop-punk band, Hot Chelle Rae, has recently released a few singles to country radio all on his own.  Mashing up the theme song to “Fresh Prince of Bel-air” and his former band’s biggest hit, “Tonight Tonight” had the audience jumping around and singing along.

A common theme throughout the night of incredible music was the fans packing out The Garden from beginning to end. It didn’t matter if a song was a radio single, a number one hit or a track buried on an album. Fans didn’t care if it was traditional country or had a twinge of R&B or pop, they cared that they loved the artists and the way the night made them feel.

Chris Janson I Madison Square Garden


Chris Janson was the perfect opening act for such a big show, providing the crowd with a high-energy set that left fans on their feet.  Singing all of his radio singles including “Buy Me a Boat”, “Fix a Drink” and even his unique version of “Truck Yeah” which he wrote and Tim McGraw cut.  “We are in the greatest city on God’s green earth tonight, I love America and I love New York City,” Janson said, which was met with an eruption of cheers.  Before singing his smash hit “Holdin’ Her,” (which he wrote for his wife, Kelly, and his children) he explained, “I believe if you speak simple acts of positivity to the world, positive acts rain down upon you”.  His inspirational words were the perfect lead-in for the love song. Before closing out his set, he let the fans in on a secret, that the very first instrument he ever learned to play was the drums for a punk rock heavy metal band. He took a seat behind the drumset showing off his skills.

Next to take the stage, Maren Morris, is the perfect counterpart for a Sam Hunt tour. Morris creates a unique version of country music, blending country with R&B. The power vocalist sang songs off her debut album Hero only stopping throughout her set to thank the audience for their enthusiasm and for singing along.  From her latest single “I Could Use a Love Song” to “Once” and “80’s Mercedes” every song had fans on their feet and swaying along.


Maren Morris I Madison Square Garden


“I never thought I would be doing this song at Madison Square Garden.  It’s such a special night and it’s been an amazing week and it all started with this song,” she explained. “I’m gonna take you to church on this one” Holding up her microphone to the sold-out crowd, she watched in amazement thousands of people singing her lyrics back to her.  The moment was a highlight of the evening, even bringing the songstress to tears.

Hunt’s headlining set featured songs that were exclusively on his first mixtape Between the Pines as well as covers of songs he has written for other artists and of course, his most recent absolute smash, “Body Like A Back Road”. The atmosphere was electric as Hunt’s amped up production featured huge screens and even smoke. It was the perfect mix of spectacle and slowed down moments that allowed the fans to feel like they were taking part in something really special.

Reminiscing to playing Irving Plaza for a small crowd three years ago, Hunt acknowledged how quickly his career has taken its turn and how he has had an incredible year. “This is amazing to be playing Madison Square Garden, I would say it is definitely a highlight of 2017 for me, it’s been a good year,” he tells the crowd in a moment between songs. Taking a moment to also thank Billy Currington for cutting “We Are Tonight” which was written before his career as an artist took off.

Sam Hunt I Madison Square Garden

This being his first headline tour, Hunt took a few minutes to slow things down, sit on a stool by himself on stage and talk to his adoring fans. Taking us through his musical journey growing up in Georgia, the acoustic set featured songs from all genres including traditional country, R&B, and pop music. He explained to the crowd filled with men and women of all ages, “This generation, y’all don’t pay attention to genres of music; you don’t pay attention to genres of people. You listen to what makes you feel good; you hang out with people you like, not people who look like you.”  The sentiment hit home, where fans of Hunt do not care which radio station is playing his songs, they only care that they love his songs.  Before ending his night on the main stage with “Break Up In A Small Town,” Hunt took to a smaller stage on the opposite end of the venue to perform “Make You Miss Me” on piano. Hunt showed versatility and the ability to entertain a sold-out crowd in New York City.

Overall, the epic night ended with confetti spraying down and fans leaving The World’s Most Famous Arena super impressed with the four-hour show. The 15 in a 30 Tour continues through the month.  For more information and tour dates check out

NYCountry Swag I Madison Square Garden

Perhaps one of the most surreal parts of the night for us was running into so many fans rocking New York Country Swag gear! We saw everything from our Red & Blue Line Snapbacks to our Whiskey Me Away Flannels. Thank You for the support and for rockin’ your swag! Most importantly, Thank You for supporting Country Music in NYC!



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