Teddy Robb Releases Music Video for “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You”

Teddy Robb "Really Shouldn't Drink Around You" Music Video

Teddy Robb “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You” Music Video


Songwriter, turned Sony Monument Records recording artist, Teddy Robb is proving why we chose him as one of our 2019 Artists to Watch. After finding success with his debut single “Lead Me On,” Robb further showed off his talent with his honest song “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You”. The singer-songwriter premiered the official music video for the track everywhere Wednesday, April 25th.

Written by heavy hitting songwriters, Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, and Trevor Rosen (Old Dominion), the song suggests that drinking around an ex-lover isn’t usually the best idea. The track is as relatable as it gets, featuring clever word play and catchy lyrics. Robb’s vocals give off a fresh and new sound, while feeling believable and charming all at the same time.

When Robb first released the song, he shared on his Twitter, “What I love about country music is the stories the songs tell & how they can take you to a certain place & time…” This is exactly what his song and music video does.

The music video showcases the singer-songwriter narrating with a guitar in hand, singing the cleverly strung together lyrics, “You say that we can be friends / But, hey let’s be honest / There ain’t really no such thing as gin and platonic.” The picturesque background and Robb’s sultry smile adds a little mystery to the visuals.

As the video progresses, the camera flashes to Robb and a love interest drinking, playing pool, cuddling around a fire, and eventually going home together, depicting things that happen when you drink around an old flame.

Check out the full-length video below, and look out for the ending.


Robb is slated to release more music this year with a brand new track dropping tomorrow, Friday, Arpil 26th. Make sure to check back here where we’ll keep you updated on the release. To learn more about the singer-songwriter, read our Swag Spotlight feature, as well as, head to for more information.

To keep up with Teddy Robb, follow him on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

“Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music. Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.




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What We’re Listening To: January Picks

NYCountry Swag’s “What We’re Listening To” playlist highlights the wide range of our team’s favorite songs and artists when it comes to the country music genre.  At the end of the day, we are all fans first with a passion for country music and are eager to share with you all what we’ve got on repeat each month.

Find below each of our team member’s favorite songs and why in our January picks. Then be sure to give our Spotify account a follow and listen to our favorite tracks!




Stephanie Wagner, Founder

Pick: “Every Little Thing” – Russell Dickerson
Songwriters: Casey Brown, Parker Welling, Russell Dickerson

“It’s no surprise that one of my favorite artists is Russell Dickerson, so every time he releases a new song to radio, I always have it playing.  “Every Little Thing” is such a fun, upbeat song from Dickerson’s debut album, Yours, and when he performs the tune live, his energy lifts the entire venue to another level. I’m excited for the world to hear more of this song and can’t wait to see it become his third #1 song.”


Christina Bosch, Managing Editor 

Pick: “Confetti” – Gone West
Songwriters: Colbie Caillat, Danelle Reeves, Eric Arjes, Jason Reeves, Justin Kawika Young

“Recently I was driving and heard a song on Sirius XM The Highway that sounded a lot like Little Big Town, I looked down to see the name of a new band, Gone West, singing “Confetti”. After I did some digging I realized the main aspect of why I loved what I heard, one of the female voices was very familiar, singer-songwriter Colbie Caillat. Caillat teamed up with her husband Justin and husband and wife Danelle and Jason to create Gone West. Their incredible harmonies draw you in while the catchy lyrics will get stuck in your head.

“Yeah, my heart didn’t break when I broke into that old bottle of fancy champagne / I’ve been saving for the perfect time/ You can’t rain on my parade / Got my freedom, gonna celebrate / When you left, I was so damn ready / No tears fell, just confetti.

Their debut EP, Tides was released last Friday and each song is better than the last. I am looking forward to hearing more from these musicians and in the meantime, I’ll be over here dancing to “Confetti”.


Nicole Bochinis, Contributing Writer

Pick: “GIRL” – Maren Morris
Songwriters: Greg Kurstin, Maren Morris, Sarah Aarons

“GIRL” by Maren Morris is her brand-new song and I am loving every second of it. Since the moment I heard it, I have had it on repeat all day every day. Recently life has been throwing curveballs at me and this song is the perfect pick me up. Every girl should know that they are stronger than they think, and it is the perfect women empowerment song. I can’t wait to see what other new music Maren has in store for us!


Kelly Cunningham, Contributing Writer

Pick: “All On You” – Mitchell Tenpenny
Songwriters: Andrew Albert, Jordan Schmidt, Mitchell Tenpenny, Nick Fradiani

“When I first heard Mitchell Tenpenny’s new album, Telling All My Secrets, this was the first track that stood out to me. The catchy, quick lyrics that make you want to sing along is the most unique melody I’ve heard from Tenpenny so far. His voice can pull off any note and he made an outstanding impression on me with this new album. This track can be a potential single I see in Tenpenny’s future. ”


Taylor Felvey, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Honky Tonk Flame” – Tyler Childers
Songwriters: Tyler Childers

If you’d like to experience old-school country with a modern age feel – look no further. The moment I heard this song I downloaded every album Tyler Childers has and put the song on repeat. The opening chords and story remind me of something Johnny Cash would write. The love song tells the story of a man trying to woo his new woman, who is no-nonsense, and how he’ll need to step up before he steps out with her.

“Hold on now buddy won’t you wait up a minute / You’re mistaken if you think I’m the same as them skirts you’ve been chasing all over town / Along with that honky tonk flame / I’m a woman with a love so true / Truth of the matter, I’d give it to you / You just got to slow down and quit acting that way / Burning your barn in this honky tonk flame”


Molly Holmberg, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You” – Teddy Robb
Songwriters: Josh Osborne, Shane McAnally, Trevor Rosen

“Since seeing Teddy Robb a few times in Nashville during his Teddy and Friends shows that we covered, the music that he previewed from his upcoming EP was amazing. Now one of the artists we are most excited about in 2019 is our own Swag Spotlight star.

Just after signing to Monument Records, Robb has been working nonstop with some of Nashville’s best songwriters to create his first project. His newest release following “Lead Me On” which has been streamed over 4 million times, “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You” was released at the beginning of the year. The new song is relaxed and easy going. Describing the decisions that are made when drinking around an ex, Robb decides that maybe it isn’t always the best idea. The song is currently being featured on Spotify’s ‘New Boots’ playlist and Apple Music’s ‘Breaking Country’ playlist. We are patiently waiting for the anticipated release of Robb’s new project and cannot wait for it to come out!”


Nicole Piering, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Running Man” – Randy Houser
Songwriters: Jeffrey Steele, Randy Houser

“When I began listening to Randy Houser’s new album, Magnolia, I was immediately taken by how mature his voice sounded and how deeply personal the singer’s lyrics had become. Since releasing the album, Houser has revealed that he wasn’t always proud of his past musical releases, but that he’s very proud of his newest album.

Despite the fact that I truly enjoy every song on the album, it was track 11, “Running Man,” that immediately captured my attention. The song tells the story of a man who discovers what he was made for, but continues running through lives, filling his “pockets full of empty things.” It’s easy to look at this song as autobiographical for Houser, and it’s even more powerful listening to it that way. On this song, Houser challenges himself vocally and lyrically, and this song is truly a must-listen. “Every show’s got an end/ Where’re you gonna go then/ Running man?”.”


Olivia Reese, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Wilder Horses” Brandon Lay
Songwriters: Brandon Lay, Jon Nite, Ross Copperman

“Wilder Horses” by Brandon Lay is the epitome of a nostalgic song. The lyrics provide a vivid image of missing someone and days gone by “I think about you a little too much these days/Riding no-name lost back roads we take/Ain’t easy for gettin’ out innocent stays”

 I’ve been listening to this song on repeat since it came out late last year after really enjoying other music Bradon Lay has released. The imagery of the lyrics is what really got me hooked on this song. It’s like a quick story and you can imagine yourself there experiencing the simultaneous feeling of innocent love and longing for past days  “Whoa I wish I was down in Dixie tonight / Where we were / Wilder Horses, stronger whiskey, faster two lanes / Every other mile marker you kiss me


Nicole Sellati, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Puzzle of Us” – Adam Doleac
Songwriters: Adam Doleac and Anthony Smith

“Recently, Adam Doleac kicked off the year releasing not one but two tracks. Both songs, “Famous” and “Puzzle of Us” are incredible, showing off his pure talent and smooth vocals. It’s hard to pick which of the two is my favorite, but if I had to choose one, it would be “Puzzle of Us.” I fell in love with the story behind the song, showing that inspiration can easily come from anywhere.

“The only piece missin’ is you / Fallin’ into my kiss / Your hand slippin’ through my fingertips / Locked up in my arms where you perfectly fit / I wanna hold you so close / I can feel your heartbeat / And be the air that you breathe / And together you and me can put together all the colors of love / Yeah well that’s the puzzle of us”

Doleac took a moment with a stranger and turned it into a beautiful love song. “Puzzle of Us” has easily become a favorite of mine, and I can’t wait to see what he comes out with next!”


Danielle Tornatore, Contributing Writer

Pick: “The Way That She Loves” – Tyler Hilton

Songwriters: David Barnes, Jon Green, Jordan Reynolds

“One Tree Hill is my all time favorite show, so of course I have to listen to all of the music Tyler Hilton puts out. I love his previous albums because of his unique sound and raspy voice, but his newly released album, City on Fire, has to be my absolute favorite. There’s just something about the country twist on this one that is sticking with me, particularly “The Way That She Loves.” This song reminds me of something that would play in an early 2000s teen movie and I wholeheartedly mean that in the best way possible. Between the lyrics, the beat, and his voice, this has to be my favorite on the album and possibly of all of his music, obviously besides the iconic “When The Stars Go Blue” (if you know, you know).”


Shanna Vitaliano, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Michigan for the Winter”
Songwriters: Aaron Eshuis, Neil Mason, Ryan Hurd 

For this month, the song I chose is Ryan Hurd’s “Michigan for the Winter” written by himself, Aaron Eshuis and Neil Mason of The Cadillac Three. With his commanding vocals and captivating lyrics, you can practically feel the loneliness and emptiness Hurd sings about throughout the mid-tempo breakup song.

With lyrics like: “I can’t stay watching you move on all February long/I’m going to Michigan for the winter/Between the dark and the light of the sky and the snow/Most people go south for the weather/Instead of hiding out in the cold,” Hurd takes us on a journey escaping a broken heart and returning to his home state of Michigan.

I am sure all of us in the NY area including myself can relate to the cold weather feeling Hurd sings about in “Michigan for the Winter” regardless if we are going through a breakup or not. It is the perfect song to play on a chilly day while relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine and the fireplace going! I am excited Hurd will be singing this song live Friday, January 25th at his sold-out show at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City!


Erica Zisman, Contributing Writer

Pick: “Heart’s Having a Hard Time” – Filmore
Songwriters: Hannah Ellis, Jason Massey, Tyler Filmore 

“This month it was really difficult for me to pick a song, especially with all the great records that have dropped recently. After much deliberation, I kept going back to Filmore’s “Heart’s Having a Hard Time.” I discovered the song thanks to NYCS’s 2019 Artists to Watch list. I had heard of Filmore, but never really listened to any of his songs. Right away, I found “Heart’s Having a Hard Time” to be completely relatable and heartbreaking all at the same time.

The feel of the song is right on trend but still feels fresh and new. More importantly, this track makes me excited to hear more from the recording artist, which is always exciting for me. I encourage you to give “Heart’s Having a Hard Time” a listen if you haven’t already.”



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Teddy Robb Releases Honest New Single “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You”

Teddy Robb Really Shouldn't Drink Around You

Country music newcomer and one of our 2019 Artists to Watch, Teddy Robb has released his second single entitled “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You.”  Robb recently signed with Monument Records and his debut single “Lead Me On” has already garnered over 4 million streams.

Written by Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, and Trevor Rosen, the track is laid back and explains the decisions that are made when drinking around an ex, suggesting maybe it isn’t always the best idea.  Not only does the track feature some of Nashville’s finest songwriters, but it was also produced by hit-making producers McAnally, Ben Fowler, and Matt McGinn.

Robb sings in the chorus, “I really shouldn’t drink around you / It’s a risk, it’s a gamble / Little more than I can handle / Just a touch of a buzz is enough to get me thinkin’ things / I really shouldn’t think about you / We end up on the fast track / Gettin’ back to where we left the past at / You think I would’ve learned my lesson by now but I never do / I really shouldn’t drink around you”

The singer-songwriter took to his Instagram to share his excitement for the song’s release, “I couldn’t be any more excited about choosing this as our second song to release. What I love about country music is the stories the songs tell and how they can take you to a certain place and time. Every time I sing this song I can’t help but smile and think about that certain someone that I REALLY shouldn’t drink around! I hope everyone loves it as much as I do.”

The song is currently being featured on Spotify’s ‘New Boots’ playlist and Apple Music’s ‘Breaking Country’ playlist.

Be sure to follow and keep up with Robb on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for future announcements and song releases. “Really Shouldn’t Drink Around You” is now available everywhere you stream or purchase music.  Take a listen below and check out more new recently released music here on our ‘New Country Music’ playlist. Be sure to give the playlist a follow for your weekly new country music fix.


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NYCountry Swag’s 2019 Artists to Watch

The New York Country Swag team loves to support rising artists and introduce our followers to the best new music in the genre.  Since our inception three years ago we have named rising stars like Russell Dickerson, Luke Combs, Brett Young, Jordan Davis, and Jimmie Allen as our Artists to Watch. Check out our picks in 2017 and 2018 before checking out the 10 artists we picked to have a huge 2019 below.

10. Austin Burke – This Arizona native moved to Nashville when he was 19 years old and has been working towards putting independent music out ever since.  His single “Whole Lot In Love” has garnered over 46 million streams on Spotify, making him one of the most successful independent artists on the platform.  His latest single “Slower” is a smooth, love song written for his longtime girlfriend. Fans of Brett Young will love this rising singer-songwriter.

2019 NYCountry Swag Artists to Watch

Listen: “Slower”
Stay Connected: @AustinBurkeMusic


9. Abby Anderson – One of our Swag Spotlights in 2018, Abby Anderson released her debut EP, “I’m Good” back in September with Black River Records and packed a whole lot of sass her five-song project. The first single released, “Make Him Wait” however teaches women of every age about the respect they deserve in a relationship. Her bubbly personality and powerful vocal ability made her a standout to our team right from the beginning.

2019 NYCountry Swag Artists to Watch

Listen: “Make Him Wait”
Stay Connected: @abbyandersonmusic


8. Riley Green – During our Live Swag Session with Riley Green he sang his debut single “There Was a Girl” and explained how his life has changed over the past year. Signing with Big Machine Label Group and releasing his single along with a music video has gained him a huge fanbase.  He released a four-song EP back in June keeping the traditional country sound while appealing to modern country fans as well.

2019 NYCountry Swag Artists to Watch

Listen: “There Was This Girl”
Stay Connected: @rileyduckman


7. Brandon Ratcliff – Closing out 2018 with a huge announcement, Brandon Ratcliff will be touring with Brett Young and Kelsea Ballerini on the Miss Me More Tour.  If you haven’t listened to his song “Rules of Breaking Up” (produced by Shane McAnally) you will love his blend of R&B and new wave country. Fans of Thomas Rhett and Kane Brown, Brandon Ratcliff is your next favorite artist.

2019 NYCountry Swag Artists to Watch

Listen: “Rules of Breaking Up”
Stay Connected: @brandonratcliff


6. Seaforth – Mitch Thompson and Tom Jordan make up the new duo Seaforth and are the latest Australian transplants to Nashville. Their friendship spans over the past two decades and these singer-songwriters just released two tracks that are already causing quite a buzz in the country music world. We featured “Talk To Me” as one of our December Picks and are loving their vibe. Time will tell if they can garner the same success as Keith Urban and more recently fellow Australian, Morgan Evans. If you love Dan + Shay you will certainly love Seaforth.


Listen: “Love That”
Stay Connected: @weareseaforth


5. Kassi Ashton – One of our most unique picks this year is Kassi Ashton, small-town native who busted out and is making huge waves not only in the country community but on music in general.  Her distinct style, personality, and songwriting set her apart from the glitz and glam female country artists as she sings about her real-life experiences and doesn’t sugarcoat anything. As we anxiously await her debut project, take a listen to “Taxidermy” a hilarious threat to anyone who does her wrong.

2019 NYCountry Swag Artists to Watch

Listen: “California, Missouri”
Stay Connected: @kassiashton


4. Teddy Robb – One of the artists we are most excited about in 2019 is our Swag Spotlight Teddy Robb. Just recently signed to Monument Records, Robb is working with some of Nashville’s best songwriters to create his first project. Be on the lookout for a brand new song tomorrow but in the meantime check out “Lead Me On” which has been streamed over 4 million times and recaps from songwriter nights the rising star hosted in Nashville.

2019 NYCountry Swag Artists to Watch

Listen: “Lead Me On”
Stay Connected: @teddyrobb


3. Filmore – At the end of 2018, Filmore released a brand new single “Heart’s Having a Hard Time”, a follow up to his biggest hit yet, “Slower”. Another Missouri native with undeniable swagger, Filmore has often been compared to Sam Hunt as he combines cool R&B vibes with country songwriting. He has been on the Nashville scene for a few years and we think 2019 will be his year to really break out.

2019 NYCountry Swag Artists to Watch

Listen: “Love That About You”
Stay Connected: @filmoremusic


2. Tenille Townes – Straight from her small hometown in Canada, Tenille Townes has already experienced a ton of success since her move to Nashville.  The thought-provoking singer-songwriter joined Little Big Town and Miranda Lambert on one of the best tours this past year (The Bandwagon Tour) and her unique voice is recognizable in the genre. In our Swag Spotlight interview back in April, Townes told us about  Big Hearts for Big Kids, an organization she is involved with that has raised over 1.5 million dollars since its inception just under a decade ago. Between her love for philanthropy and her rare ability to convey stories, Townes is in for another successful year.

2019 NYCountry Swag Artists to Watch

Listen: “Somebody’s Daughter”
Stay Connected: @tenilletownes


Mitchell Tenpenny – If you have been following NYCountry Swag you know our love for Mitchell Tenpenny.  From the moment we recorded a Live Swag Session with him in Times Square back in 2017, we have been fans of his songwriting as well as his powerhouse voice.  To close out 2018, Tenpenny released his debut album, Telling All My Secrets and hit the number one spot on the country charts with “Drunk Me”. We attended his very first sold-out NYC headlining show in August and it was incredible to hear the entire audience sing along to every song. We are looking forward to seeing even more success from the recording artist in 2019.

2019 NYCountry Swag Artists to Watch

Listen: “Somebody’s Got Me”
Stay Connected: @m10penny


Let us know what other artists you think will have a big year and which new music you are looking forward to in the new year!


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Teddy Robb Hosts Intimate Evening with Friends in Nashville

Teddy Robb Ryan Beaver Heather Morgan

Ryan Beaver, Teddy Robb, Heather Morgan (Photo Credit: Molly Holmberg for NYCountry Swag)

Teddy Robb, our Swag Spotlight this week hosted an intimate evening with fellow songwriters Ryan Beaver and Heather Morgan at the Douglas Cafe in Nashville, TN last night. Set to play at 6 o’clock, friends and co-workers joined together for drinks, food, and a good time.

Heather Morgan

Heather Morgan (Photo Credit: Molly Holmberg for NYCountry Swag)

Morgan played “We Were A Fire” that is the first track off her recent album Borrowed Heart. Morgan has written songs for artists like Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Dierks Bentley, and more. Alongside songwriter Ross Copperman, Morgan and Brett Eldredge have become quite the writing trio, penning almost a dozen songs for Eldredge’s albums, including ”Lose My Mind.” She finally put out her own music after years of just songwriting and we are in for a treat every time we listen.

Teddy Robb Ryan Beaver

Ryan Beaver, Teddy Robb (Photo Credit: Molly Holmberg for NYCountry Swag)

Beaver also performed a few songs of his including “She Turns On The Sunset”. He has already been acclaimed as an artist to watch as his new EP is making waves in the industry. He’s received public praise from Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe, Maren Morris, Kacey Musgraves, Lee Ann Womack and more.  Announced yesterday, Beaver will be joining Ryan Hurd on tour in 2019.  The tour heads to the Bowery Ballroom on January 25th.

Teddy Robb

Teddy Robb (Photo Credit: Molly Holmberg for NYCountry Swag)

Teddy Robb followed the trend and played some of his new music that is slated for his forthcoming debut EP that he hinted at was coming in the new year. “Me On You”, “Tell Me How”, and “Longer Goodbye” were all sung and are now on top of the list of highly anticipated songs. “Tell Me How” is the story of getting over a breakup. All he wants is to hear from his ex, how she is doing, where she is, and if she has gotten over him and then how he can do the same. Another favorite is “Longer Goodbye”, a song about how each time you head back home for a visit, your goodbyes get a little bit longer, noticing how quickly time passes.

Robb has been working with some of the best songwriters and producers, including SmackSongs, as he gets ready to release new music. Between being featured on multiple Spotify playlists, including New Boots, Wild Country, and Hot Country, and playing more shows than ever around Nashville, he is gaining recognition from around the country music industry. Check out our highlights from two other events he played at here and here.


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NYCS Swag Spotlight Featuring Teddy Robb

Teddy Robb

Photo Credit: Matthew Berinato

One of the most talked about new singer-songwriters in Nashville is our Swag Spotlight this week, Teddy Robb.  Robb grew up in Akron, Ohio and didn’t really start listening to country music until high school.  Before that, he listened to classic rock like Bob Seger, The Eagles, ACDC and Pink Floyd.  He laughs as he explains that he only started listening to country music for a girl. “I thought, ‘No that is just for sad people and for people who’s dog died and their truck broke down’ but then I remember listening to “Summertime” by Kenny Chesney and I was like…oh actually this is really fun I can get into this,” he tells us.  From then on he loved Brooks and Dunn, Tim McGraw and of course, Kenny Chesney.  He didn’t play music growing up, instead, he played sports and even played football in college for a few years but after he stopped playing football he took that passion and newly founded free time and started learning how to play guitar.  After a teacher challenged him to play one night at an open mic night, he fell in love with performing and being up on stage.

“I started playing local clubs in Akron, Ohio and before long I decided I wanted to move to Nashville so one morning I just woke up and said this is the day, I am moving,” he explains his spontaneous decision. He played honky-tonks and cover songs for about a year before once again making a big move, this time to Colorado. He was captivated by the lifestyle, as an outdoorsman, being able to hike and fish in the summer and ski and snowboard in the winter, he loved living there.  All the while, he was playing country music at night, honing in on his craft and perfecting his sound.  He explains that although he was playing country music, every once in a while a request would come in for something a little different, whether it was John Prine, Bob Dylan or Pure Prairie League. This allowed him to open up his musical horizons and eventually create the sound that he now brings back to Nashville. His voice, his delivery, and his lyrics are the perfect blend of laid back folk and modern country.

His travels from Ohio to Nashville to Colorado and back to Nashville again have taught him lessons about himself as a musician and allowed him to learn about the type of music he wanted to create. “On a whim, a little bit of luck and a little bit of hard work, that is how I got here,” Robb tells us. He signed with Sony Monument Records and started getting into writing rooms around town.  “I connected with the SMACK writers, I knew it felt very natural and I knew I wanted to end up being there and then they offered me a publishing deal,” he recalls.  “Since then I have been there writing every day.”

He tells us when he was 20 years old he heard George Strait’s “Troubadour” for the first time, a memory that he will always remember as the moment he knew he wanted to pursue a career in music.  He had the pleasure of being in a writing room one day with one of the writers of that song, Leslie Satcher.  He took the opportunity to explain to her how that song had changed the course of his life. “I’m in a room with somebody writing a song with them and they wrote a song in the past that is a huge reason why I am here today playing music. It was an incredible experience for me,” he tells us. “Nashville is a really special town because of those types of moments.”

Robb released his debut single earlier this year, “Lead Me On” was written with SMACK writers, Matt McGinn, Ryan Beaver, and Aaron Eshuis and produced by Shane McAnally. It is an upbeat honest track, a fun song that has a unique twist, where the singer doesn’t mind the cat and mouse game.  His raspy voice and sultry delivery will have any listener throwing out the relationships rulebook. He explains that he truly loves the song and decided it should be the first single because of its versatility. “It’s the first one I wrote with SMACK writers and I think it leaves us room to go left or right, once we pick another song, that one doesn’t put us in a box of this is what we are, it has a nice availability to go a little more pop country or traditional.”  He performed “Lead Me On” along with other songs recently at an exclusive event in Nashville hosted by SMACKSongs.  Read our recap of the special night here.  He also hosted his own writer’s round featuring Blake Chaffin and JT Harding where he impressed even more fans in Nashville.

Looking ahead, he is playing another writers round tonight (Mon, 11/5), be sure to head to our Instagram for video clips from the show.  He is looking forward to getting out on the road and expanding his reach, playing his new music and eventually putting out an EP of that new music. Grab “Lead Me On” here and follow Teddy Robb on Instagram for the latest updates.


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SMACKSongs Stuns Nashville With The Ultimate Writers Round

SMACKSongs Writers Round

Photo via SmackSongs Instagram//Taken by Rachel Deeb


What is better than a concert on a Monday night? Nothing. Although this concert was unlike any other for multiple reasons. One, it was at the Listening Room Cafe which is known for its intimate setting and finding new upcoming singers and songwriters. SMACKSongs took over the night for a round called SMACK and Friend’s making it the ultimate writers round. SMACKSongs is a Nashville-based music publishing company founded in 2012. They are proudly home to some of the industry’s top songwriters, producers, and artists, including Shane McAnally himself, as founder and CEO. The show featured McAnally, Josh Osborne, Teddy Robb, Aaron Eshuis, Matt McGinn, Ryan Beaver, Josh Jenkins, Kylie Morgan, Renee Blair and many more!

McAnally and Osborne got the night started by singing some of their hit songs including “Drinking Problem” and “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16”. Bringing out their first set of writers, including Renee Blair and Teddy Robb, each singer performed a new single or one that has previously been cut. Teddy Robb previewed a new song called “Tell Me How” that has not yet been released but never the less got the crowd on their feet applauding. Renee Blair also took the same approach singing a new song called “Me Tonight”.

In between each set of writers, McAnally and Osborne shared stories of their journey without forgetting to add some jokes along the way. Talking about how they once played a song for Kenny Chesney on his plane that was already taken but he loved it so much they had to steal it back from no other than Little Big Town. “American Kids” then became Chesney’s #1 single off his album The Big Revival. Other artists that played included Brandon Radcliff singing his song “Rules of Breaking Up” and Josh Jenkins sang “21” which was cut by Jimmie Allen on his latest album Mercury Lane and “Thinking About You”.

Each time McAnally introduced a singer you could tell in his voice how proud of each one of them he was. He even said himself that the only people he could be more proud of are his kids, showing genuine gratitude and emotion as the night progressed. Throughout the night he talked about how important it was to “find your tribe” and the people that are willing to hustle with you in order to chase your dreams. Shane McAnally and Josh Osborne have created not only a powerhouse of songwriters, producers, and artists but a community that displays the true meaning of family within the country music business.  Head to our Instagram and check out exclusive videos from the night.


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Emerging Star Teddy Robb Hosts Impressive Nashville Writers Round

Blake Chaffin, Teddy Robb and JT Harding, Nashville Writers Round at Douglas Corner Cafe

Blake Chaffin (left), Teddy Robb (middle) & JT Harding (right), Nashville Writers Round at Douglas Corner Cafe (Photo via @TeddyRobb Instagram)

Wednesday evening (Oct 3.), rising artist Teddy Robb hosted a writers round at Douglas Corner Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee. Joined on stage by his buddies Blake Chaffin and legendary songwriter JT Harding, the three took turns playing songs and telling stories of their music in true ‘writers round’ fashion.

NYCountry Swag Instagram followers had a front row seat to the show through our Instagram Stories which gave sneak peeks to some of the most special moments of the night. Judging by the number of messages and clicks we received, we can safely say that Robb has definitely earned himself some new fans.

During the show, Robb explained his journey to Nashville, claiming a little inspiration and curiosity was just the right amount of spark that encouraged him to make the career move, leaving his Ohio home. Kicking things off on a rough course, Robb went through many ups and downs as a songwriter and performer. Through heartbreak, rejection, and dealing with the idea that he might have to settle on music being just a hobby instead of living out this dream, Robb continued to push forward, never giving up, and fans should be so glad he did.

Robb’s debut single “Lead Me On”, written by Robb, Ryan Beaver, Aaron Eshuis, and Matt McGinn was released just a few short weeks ago on August 24th. Not only does the track have some remarkable songwriters, but it’s got some top-notch producers to add to the list as well including McAnally and McGinn, along with Ben Fowler. The song is currently being featured on Apple’s ‘Breaking Country’ playlist and  listed on Spotify’s ‘New Boots’ playlist.

Robb treated the intimate audience to several unreleased songs including “Make Me Fall In Love With You” and “Watered Down”. Although Robb’s vocals were on point throughout the night, effortlessly flowing in tune with his band that joined the stage behind him, Robb broke things down in the middle of a song called “Lonely Girl”. As the band silenced, just Robb & his guitar stole the spotlight, a mesmerizing experience and standout moment of the night. Teddy Robb is a name not to forget.

Alongside Robb, hit songwriter JT Harding sang some of his most notable tracks to get the crowd going. Crowd favorites included “Sangria”, the song he co-penned for Blake Shelton, and Uncle Kracker’s smash “Smile”. Chaffin played one of his songs on Logan Mize’s album Nobody In Nashville called “Good Life” and a standout new song titled “Try Cheating On A Girl”.

The artist’s chemistry bringing them together to play a writers-round in Nashville proved to be a prime example of what country music is all about. Keep up with the songwriters on Instagram – @teddyrobb, @blakechaffin and @jtxrockstar to follow their individual journeys in the music industry.

Teddy Robb’s “Lead Me On” is now available everywhere you buy or stream music.

Listen to it on our new music playlist below and check back soon for more new music from the rising star from his forthcoming EP. Be sure to give the playlist below a follow for your weekly new country music fix.

For future announcements, new music, upcoming news and more from Teddy Robb, visit, and follow the rising star on his journey via Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.




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